• Shafford Ryle Limited

    Shafford Ryle Limited was founded in 1996, taking over the business of Alpine Computers Limited which had been trading since 1992. During this whole period the company has provided design and development services across a wide range of industries. Ranging from embedded software for communications equipment and fusion reactors to management software and websites for the printing and insurance industries.

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    I started my career writing embedded software for Modems, Bridges and Routers. As I started my own company the emphasis changed and I became involved in the development of Management Information Systems. This included both the user interface and the back office database services. With the emergence of the internet, my expertise has evolved into the presentation of management information through browser interfaces, and the development of associated public websites.

    JobSpan production planning board software

    Jobspan is a browser based scheduling system that allows you to plan production of a particular job across a number of machines, stages or processes. Having planned the job you can then produce job sheets for each of the processes, which can be distributed to shop floor personnel. Finally you can track the job as it passes through various production processes. Although produced for the printing industry the software is sufficiently general to allow it to be applicable to any production environment.

    A demonstration of this software, recently translated into Portuguese, is available at www.jspan.co.uk. If you have problems with the demonstration, screenshots are available on an older version of this website at www.jobspan.co.uk.