• Latest Developments

    The following items represent small developments that are in progress, or are just waiting to be started.

  • Schorne Team church Website - Live spring 2010

    A website developed for a local group of churches. This site includes a database to control a calandar of events and the schedule of services in all the churches, that make up the group. Data entry pages are provided to allow church staff to enter events and schedules. By automatically removing outdated information, website retains an up-to-date feel even though it is only updated occasionally.

  • Book Venue - Under development October 2010

    This website provides a central reservation and booking facility for small organisations who have halls or other rooms available for hire. It provides a central booking service, where customers can request venues, and a controlled group of officials can accept these requests and turn them into reservations. It also provides a suite of accounting services allowing control of customer billing, and preparation of end of year accounts.

  • Kitchen Door Planner - Still in planning stage

    Do you have a year planner or calendar stuck on the back of the kitchen door? Or maybe it is stuck on the fridge door covered in those little magnets you got as some sort of free gift or promotion. Well we did and there was never enough room to put in the activities on some days. I thought maybe I could print off a sheet for each month from my PC with bigger boxes. While doing this I started putting in some of the activities I knew about. I thought I would share the results of my labours.

  • Station Car Parks - Needs marketing

    An overnight stay in London one Friday night was planned. At the last minute I checked the trains and the line would be shut all weekend! I normally park my car overnight in the station car park, so I tried to find details about other local stations, and whether I could park overnight. It was too late to phone, and I could find nothing on the Web. Following a traumatic experience getting a lift with my mum, I decided to start collecting information, that everyone can benefit from.