• Portfolio

    My most recent employment and development experience is described here. A more detailed list of my employment history is also available, together with a list of my technical skills. A shortened version and a complete version of my CV are available for printing out.

  • Watts International property and construction consultants

    For the last year I have been supporting Watts' intranet systems. These are written in PHP and include links to MySQL and SQLServer databases, as well as interfaces to a number of third party packages. In addition I have been supporting the the public ASP.Net website of ikon, a member of the Watts group.

  • travel & general insurance company

    I have been working for travel & general for nearly 6 years. During this time I initially worked on their internal MIS system which assists them with the provision of insurance products to the travel industry. Then I developed a website that allows their industry clients to apply for insurance and follow the progress of their applications on line. More recently I have been working on systems to provide travel insurance to the public, either directly through their tagdirect website, or indirectly through a second website, accessable only to their clients.

    The older code was written in ASP. All the more recent developments, including all the externally visible websites are written in Java and JSP. All developments link to SQL databases.

  • Job Span

    Jobspan is a browser based job scheduling system developed jointly with Almabyte. This product was initially developed for a mutual client, as a feature of a product they were selling to the printing industry. We retained the rights to the software and feel that it has potential to be a product in its own right.

    A large print company is already using the software as part of this Keren package, but we are looking for a customer or partner who could work with us in developing this into a standalone product, or to package it with their products.

  • Case Communications

    A few years ago when I was not fully employed with contract work I took on the development of the software for a low cost Symetric DSL Multiplexor product. The unit, which was developed in conjunction with E2E4 Limited and Case tce, allows voice, synchronous and Ethernet traffic to share a high speed SDSL link.