• Kitchen door

  • Introduction

    I have a year planner stuck on the back of the kitchen door. It has all the important events of the family year crammed into little squares. Things are crossed out, and written in many hands. Some items are written around the outside with arrows indicating the day they relate to. There are also post-it notes stuck to it.


    The planner we currently have was taken from the local free paper last new year. It had a load of adverts around it, but these were removed to make if fit on the door. In previous years we got a planner from the milkman. That was even worse as it had only six months on each side. For the first six months of the year we would be forever unsticking it to write things on the other side.


    Due to the current economic conditions, I am not fully employed, so plan to start working on this soon. Hope to have something to share shortly.