• Employment History

  • May 2010 .. Present - Watts International property and construction consultants (contract)

    Providing support and minor developments for Watts' intranet systems. These are written in PHP and include links to MySQL and SQLServer databases, as well as interfaces to a number of third party packages. In addition I have been supporting the public ASP.Net website of ikon, one of the members of the Watts group.

  • March 2004 .. Present - Travel & General Insurance Company (contract)

    Following the breakup of the relationship between Travel & General and e-World Developments, I took on full control of the completion of Travel & General's internal MIS system, which assists them with the provision of insurance products to the travel industry.

    Having completed this initial development I developed a website linked to the MIS system database that allows their industry clients to apply for insurance and follow the progress of their applications on line. More recently I have been working on systems to provide travel insurance to the public, either directly through their tagdirect website, or indirectly through a second website, accessible only to their clients.

    The older code was written in ASP. All the more recent developments, including all the externally visible websites are written in Java and JSP. All developments link to Microsoft SQL Server databases.

  • 2003 - 2004 Job Span (partnership)

    While working for ISYS I recognised an opportunity to develop a browser based job scheduling system. ISYS were already using scheduling software developed by two other parties. These products looking dated, did not exactly meet the requirements of the printing industry, and required specialised hardware. I started to develop a product linked to the database structure of the ISYS Keren system, but otherwise separate from it. In the end I teamed up with Almabyte to complete the product, and sell it back through ISYS to one of their customers.

  • May 2003 - Feb 2004 Travel & General Insurance Company (sub-contractor)

    e-World Developments Ltd were developing a new management information system for Travel & General. I was taken on as a sub-contractor to speed up the development of this back office system. The development was using browser technology for ease of deployment, and support. The site was coded using ASP and JavaScript and was linked to a SQL Server database.

  • December 2002 - June 2003 Case tce and E2E4 Limited (partnership)

    I took on the development of the software for a low cost Symetric DSL Multiplexor product that allows companies to use the emerging Broadband technology and take advantage of existing Modem, point to point copper. Depending on range, up to 4Mbps of throughput could be achieved over existing wiring. The unit, developed in conjunction with E2E4 Limited and Case tce, allows voice, synchronous and Ethernet traffic to share the new high speed link.

  • 2002..2003 - Other exploratory developments

    During this period I started to develop an Ethernet manufacturing control and data collection device (DCU). This unit could display data from and send results to a central database, as well as being controlled from a Browser anywhere on the corporate network. This product, initially aimed at the print house environment, was flexible enough to allow it to be configured for any similar shop floor environment.

    I also worked with a small team to develop a barcode paper tracking system for the securities printing industry.

  • December 2001 .. December 2002 - Dataflex plc (part time contract)

    Support for inherited Paxdata Voice over IP products and upgrade of the SNMP interface for the Dataflex Voice over DSL, Internet Access Device (IAD) products.

  • October 2001 .. July 2002 - ISYS plc (part time contract)

    Development of new Web Interface, using Oracle JSP and ASP, for the existing Keren product.

  • January 2001 .. September 2001 - Dataflex plc (permanent)

    When Dataflex bought Paxdata I accepted a permanent post as Development Manager in charge of the Hemel Hempstead site. I developed a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) version of the Paxdata Voice over IP product and managed all other development at the site, until Dataflex closed down the site.

  • October 1998 .. December 1999 - ISYS plc (part time contract)

    I created a totally new GUI interface to the Keren product using C++ Builder and Delphi, accessing a remote Oracle database using Net8.

  • July 1997 - December 1999 - Paxdata Networks Ltd. (contract full/part time)

    I returned to Paxdata as the Technical Director to help complete the development of their range of ISDN Router products, and drive the development of additional hardware and software features to complement this range of products. This included work on new Kilostream Aggregate, Voice over IP and Frame Relay features.

  • August 1995 .. June 1997 - ISYS plc (contract)

    I returned to ISYS to help with the conversion of their Keren product (see below), to use an Oracle database. The code was written in Pro*C. During this contract I also developed interfaces to third party data collection and scheduling systems.

  • November 1993 .. July 1995 - JET Joint Undertaking (contract)

    During this period I have been part of three main projects within JET:

    • The development of a protection system, for the main magnetic coils of the Torus vessel. This involved collecting approximately 150 analogue signals from the plant, and checking every millisecond to see if a dangerous condition was arising.
    • I implemented an adaptive control algorithm on a VME 68030 processor board, controlling the input of gas into the Torus.
    • I implemented a second generation master timing system for JET that distributed the master timing signals over a Fibre Optic distribution network.
    • I developed some system monitoring screens for the above timing system using Tk/TCL.

  • September 1992 - October 1993 ISYS plc (contract)

    I joined ISYS to assist in the development of a second generation Management Information System for the printing industry, to replace their existing product. The product handles the whole process from quoting a job, through stock control to final invoicing and cost analysis.
    While part of the project team I developed an item tracking system and an external data collection system.

  • June 1989 - August 1992 Paxdata Networks Ltd.

    I joined Paxdata to take charge of the company's software development.

    While working at Paxdata I was involved with the recruitment and training of further software engineers to assist me with work on the following projects.

    • Development of a Security and Network Management System for the companies existing Modem product range.
    • Development of the software to drive the companies new range of error correcting Modems.
    • Development of the software for the companies new range of Remote Ethernet Bridges.

  • April 1987 - May 1989 Crosfield Electronics Ltd.

    I joined Crosfield Electronics to help complete development of a proprietary Fibre Optic LAN product, and then to develop the FDDI based successor to it. Soon after joining the project I became the software Team Leader following the departure of my predecessor. From this point on I was involved in the recruitment of new software engineers and the review of existing ones, together with all other usual project management tasks.

  • October 1984 - March 1987 CASE Communications Ltd.

    I worked as part of a team developing the software for the company's X.25 Packet Switch Exchange. This involved writing real time communications software and device drivers in C and assembler.