• Technical Skills

  • Education

    BSc First Class Honours Degree in Computer Studies from Southampton University.

    A Levels in Pure and Applied Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Studies.

    High Level Languages

    C (25 years experience), Pascal (Delphi) C++ (C++ Builder), Java, Various Web (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, JSP, ASP, ASP.Net), Tk/Tcl


    Motorola MC680X0 & MC683XX, Intel 8086/80X86, 6502/Z80, TMS320C40 DSP, PIC Micro-controllers

    Operating Systems

    HP Unix/Redhat Linux, Windows, VxWorks, VRTX, SPOX, Virata ISOS

    Database Products

    MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle/Pro*C, C-Tree Portable ISAM Database, Codebase/Dbase4/Paradox

    Software Development Tools

    Delphi, C++ Builder, Panel Plus Screen Handler, C-Scape Screen Handler


    HP 9000 Series (F/10, F/30, etc), PCs, Motorola MC680X0's, MC683XX's, Ethernet Controllers (AMD SONIC), ISDN Controllers ISAC/FALC, Communications Equipment H/W, Texas Instruments DSPs, VME A/D Conversion Cards

    Communications Protocols

    Internet Protocols (PPP, RIP, TCP/IP, UDP, SIP, SNMP, Telnet etc.), ISDN Q.931, Ethernet and ISO 802.3, X.25 and X.3/X.28/X.29, IPX/SPX Routing, LAPM, MNP and V42bis, PC/NFS


    Development Manager, Team Leadership/Project Management, User/Promotional Documentation, Training/Technical Support